Mischief Morningstar

Portland Burlesque Dancer and Performance Artist Mischief Morningstar has been called a "Supervillain in the streets and a Demonic Dominatrix in the sheets". When She isn’t burning up the burlesque stage with Her kink-positive and character based acts, you’ll find Her on Her throne as a Professional Switch, or at comic-con in her favorite cosplays. Known for Her contagious enthusiasm and strong swinging arm, She'll leave an impact on your ass and your heart.

“Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?”

Jack Nicholson, Batman (1989)

Performing in burlesque shows all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond, I shimmy and shake my sexy ass all over the place. Recently appearing with Kat Wondergloom’s Love Lust and Leather Presents, Miss Minksy Presents, Little Lioness Productions, and Burlynomicon

Available for Private Events, Renaissance Faires, Music Festivals, Ribbon Cuttings, write-In positions for local political offices, negotiating used car purchases and more!

Over 20 years of dance and theater experience have left me with a passion for my art and my audience. Hear the crack of my whip and delight in my flexibility, humor, and grace (and humility). Fire torches, silk fans, rhinestones, rhinestones RHINESTONES. Everywhere. On my nipples! On my booty! In my washing machine! In a sandwich I ate last week! I even find them on the bottom of my shoes, like, all. the. time… What was I talking about again?

Oh, right!

I am also a published pinup and professional model with over 10 years experience. I love to ham it up, and have learned that if I’m posing for a photo and I’m comfy….I’m probably doing something wrong. Book me for your magazine, business ad, billboard, blimp display, etc. below!